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Leverage Messenger And Quickly Change The Landscape Of Your Business

Generate more sales, increase profitability, build a better customer relationship, with less ad spend and less time. Messenger marketing is truly the cutting edge, boosting leads and sales at hyper speed, while building a customer relationship that helps you meet their needs!

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The ibiz Chatbot is a service that aims to change the way you attract traffic and gain leads in order to expand your online business. An ibiz Chatbot is simply an automated chatbot to use on Facebook messenger, Instagram (and other social media), to interact with potential customers. It is a completely automated process which allows you to interact with potential customers in an intelligent way without being personally present on the page. It works for each post, or Ad that you run by messaging anyone who shares, comments or likes your post. Our Chatbots are an effective way to get your products or services noticed, and interact with potential customers. Messenger is on more than 1.8 Billion phones. Making it the second most downloaded and used app on the planet (behind only Facebook itself).  Facebook reported that over 10,000,000,000 messages (yes, Billion) are sent between businesses and consumers EVERY SINGLE MONTH. I’ll give you a second to let that sink in…


The automated response from From your Chatbot goes directly into a potential customers personal inbox, so you don’t need to worry that it will get lost in a message request section.  With the rise of viruses, many people are reluctant to click a link in Facebook but will be far more likely to click a message in their inbox. 

The message your bot sends by auto response, is fully customized, which allows you to have full control over what you wish to say to the potential customer. Its a 1 on 1 conversation between your visitor and your brand (through the bot). 

Facebook Messenger can give you crazy high open rates 80-100%.  Case studies show unheard of Click through rates of 15 to 50% compared to Facebook feed with 1/2% to 2%. An ibiz Chatbot can be used to boost your conversion rates on eCommerce from within the bot, so your visitor can buy without ever leaving Facebook; and Facebook loves that so your exposure is not ever slowed!

We Are Experts At Messenger Marketing!

Messenger Chatbots

Imagine if you could have a Messenger Chatbot that helps you convert more leads into customers, engage with them at scale, and even help them stay engaged after they purchase from you.

Live Chat

Your ibiz Smart Chatbot will notify you in the event that your visitor requests a "Live handoff". You also have the ability to reach out manually to anyone who has previously engaged with your bot.  

Comment Reply

ibiz Chatbots will automatically respond to comments with AI/ keyword and pre-set responses, so you don't have to!  Reply, delete and hide comments on your posts on auto-pilot.

SMS & Mail Marketing

Send broadcast email and SMS to Messenger collected emails, SMS, or custom imported lists.  Reach out to every Messenger subscriber with sales and promotions, to drive them back to your chat sequences.

World’s Best All-In-One Software For Passive Profits In ANY Niche.

FULLY AUTOMATED Free Traffic, Leads & Sales

All-Inclusive List Building, Engagement, eCommerce Stores, & Messenger Marketing Service

Leads, Sales, And Relationship Building...

Introducing ibiz CHATBOTS!!


We Help Businesses Make More Leads & Sales Online

My name is Tyler Lebens, Owner and Managing Director of ibiz Marketplace.  Our programs, products and services are tried and true. We only recommend platforms and services that have proven to return significant value in both the short and long term.   My promise to you is that we will work hard for your success!


What Our Clients Say

"Took the pressure off"

"ibiz Chatbot was the solution to the problem of delayed response for both Facebook and Instagram.  No more missed conversations, and over a 300% increase in not only our leads, but visiter data as well!"

David Dolken - 

VP Marketing, Dolken Construction Inc.

"My conversion has increased"

"Not only have both, my live and automated conversations increased, but thanks to the data collected, I can send targeted offers via email, SMS, or Social media to any segment of my bot visitors today, or months from now."

Mark Zander -

Founder, Cadwalk LLC.

"Just what we needed"

"More customers, less ad spend; what a concept!  After implementing an ibiz Chatbot in messenger and IG, our ad cost almost went away.  We were able to add 4 chairs to our salon, and bookings have sky rocketed.  Thanks ibiz!"

Makayla Brennan -

Glamourdome Hair Salon.


Here Are Some Incredible Bot Results!



Easy Homes Real Estate

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Eat Well Restaurant

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Cool Cars Dealer

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